The TOO SLO chapter is proud to provide adoption and rescue opportunities for turtles, tortoises and other reptiles in the San Luis Obispo county. We have two locations for adoptions and to provide shelter.


TOO SLO's Desert Tortoise Adoptions and Rescue

If you are interested in adopting or needing shelter for a desert tortoise. Please email the Adoption Officer at the following email.

Email Address:

Currently Available:

7 six month old hatchlings

1 adult male


Turtle & Tortoise Rescue of Arroyo Grande

If you are interested in adopting or wanting to give a shelter for a turtle, tortoise or other type or reptile. This location does not provide assistance for desert tortoises, please contact the location above for these animals.

Phone Number: (805) 458-1949
Address: 313 E Ormonde Rd, Arroyo Grande, CA 93420